TriassicArc Gaming was started at the beginning of a pandemic, the first our world has seen since any of us were alive to witness, as a place of escape; a place to meet friends who soon became family. Sure, we all first connected over our love of a single game but we as a community have grown to so much more than just people who game together. We have come to create real connections here, real relationships that’s roots go deeper than lines of code or virtual dinosaurs.

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Here at TAG we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality gaming experience possible. Across 33 servers, we offer numerous benefits and services that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Our zero tolerance policy pertaining to Toxic Behavior, especially toward minors, has earned us a reputation for being the safest gaming environment for families.

TriassicArc’s mission is to give gamers and those who enjoy the lifestyle of such a place to connect with like-minded people. We may have started with gaming as our focus but that center was quickly shifted when the effects of quarantine came to light. Many in the gaming community have found themselves struggling with isolation and the inability to socialize as they had been. TAG has been able to provide a central hub for all gamers to connect across multiple games, consoles and social media platforms.

Community Minded
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Family Friendly
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Server Hosts

Dedicated Staff
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“..it seems like EVERYONE on here is friendly and this is a well organized community. Just wanted to say as a newbie its appreciated and good job.”


“yes 100% i know its hard to run a server and they are doing an amazing job imma be on this server for a long time.”


“Best server I have been on in years.”